Effectively marketing employee offers

High profitability for suppliers across wide-reaching platforms

Extend your marketing network!

Employee discounts offer a new sales potential

corporate benefits offers you a powerful and effective sales channel to promote your activities. Very high registration and usage rates as well as monthly newsletters ensure effective communication and a high success rate. We are able to generate attention for your offers through established processes and tried and tested solutions in the use of other advertising media. Thanks to this strength, corporate benefits has become for many suppliers the most lucrative co-operation partner in Europe.

Employee discounts reach the ideal customer groups

corporate benefits currently manages the portals for about 9,100 companies (including % of all DAX-listed companies) and associations. All platforms are individually created and reserved exclusively to the registered users. The platforms are based on the latest technology and market standards.

Avantages for the suppliers

corporate benefits Group

9,100+ participating companies
70% of the top companies
95% of the DAX-listed companies
6,9+ million registered users
ø 5,65 million monthly visits
ø 35,5 million page impressions monthly
1,500+ renowned suppliers
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A selection of participating companies


Some of our top suppliers


Employee discount programs are an effective sales and communication channel

Wide reach and strong closing rates Returning customers in closed groups High return on investment (ROI)
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