corporate social responsibility

We are doing our part – nationally and internationally.

A high sense of responsibility is one of our corporate values. This includes our employees and business partners as well as society as a whole. While we may not be a larger listed corporation, we still strive to do a lot of good.

We have been committed to the topic of corporate social responsibility since 2017. Every year, corporate benefits supports selected projects with a donation. It is particularly important to us that we create something that lasts, benefiting the recipients well into the future.

It gives us a sense of fulfilment if we can make the world a little bit better every day.


We are a climate-positive company.

A young girl happily running her hand under fresh water

Just how large is corporate benefits' carbon footprint? We wanted to know exactly and commissioned the independent certifier Climate Extender GmbH to analyse our locations. We have offset 200% of the determined value by purchasing shares in climate protection projects, which earned us the "Climate-Positive Company" certificate. 

With our shares, we support the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations – for example, through climate protection projects for clean water, reforestation, energy through biomass and poverty reduction in Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda and India. All projects correspond to the Gold Standard, meaning that they demonstrably contribute to CO2 reduction and are beneficial for the local environment as well as for the population's social welfare.