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In order to spark and maintain the interest of your employees, attractive offers from strong brands across all relevant areas of life are needed in the long run – for example, electronics, travel, fashion, home, and many more. We have selected over 1,500 renowned vendors for your employees to meet the highest standards.

Both the setup and operation of the customised benefits portal as well as all additional services are offered to you free of charge. Plus, you will not incur any obligations or administrative expenses from this. We are convinced that 20 years of experience as an expert for employee offers are the perfect foundation for a successful implementation. Companies in 10 European countries will gladly confirm this.

We would be happy to convince you as well that we are worth recommending.

A Selection of Our Partners

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Customised Benefits Portal

What does this mean for your company?

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Free setup, operation &

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Offers with no ifs and buts

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Tailored to your corporate design

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No efforts and obligations on your part

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Customise the range of offers

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Integrate your own offers

3 Steps to Your Benefits Portal

Individualisation, Implementation, Introduction


We are interested in your individual requirements and needs. Together we will define an ideal range of offers for you.



We will implement your customised benefits portal according to the agreed specifications.



Your benefits portal will be ready for use after 10 days. We will provide you with advertising material to communicate the offers to your employees.


Attractive offers presented attractively

An picture of the corporate benefits platform showing the presentation of different offers

Your employees can see the most important offer highlights at a glance. Of course, they can also search for specific offers from various spheres of life.

It is always worth taking a look at the map on the right - especially when your employees are on the road. Offers in their vicinity are displayed here. With a coupon that can be redeemed directly on location, even conventional shopping becomes a shopping experience with employee benefits.

Customer Testimonials


When selecting the platform provider, it was particularly important to us to work with a reliable and professional partner. With the employee programme, we were able to give our employees access to an exciting and broad brand portfolio. Launched in the second half of 2015, the corporate benefits employee programme now enjoys a high level of acceptance among our employees.






corporate benefits responds quickly and efficiently to requests regarding the design and content of the platform as well as the placement of new offers. In addition, any enquiries from users are clarified and answered immediately. The structure and content of the database is very impressive, especially the variety of offers and regular updates of new vendors – our employees keep confirming this.






We have been collaborating with corporate benefits very closely since 2007. During this time, corporate benefits have proven to be very flexible, creative and cooperative, and they have been open to new suggestions. The platform allows all employees worldwide and at any time direct access to the employee offers. All of these are well selected, well presented and subject to strict monitoring. Feedback from our employees shows us that switching to corporate benefits was long overdue. We wish corporate benefits all the best and look forward to our continued cooperation.





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