Climate positive company

Our commitment to an environment worth living in

Certified contribution against global warming

corporate benefits believes in making a sustainable contribution to combating global warming - through its certification as a climate-positive company. As bearers of the certificate, all corporate benefits locations are not only climate-neutral, but climate-positive. This means that more CO2 is being offset than is being caused.

Independent certifiers from Climate Extender GmbH were commissioned to determine the CO2 footprint of all corporate benefits locations for this purpose. The reported CO2 emissions are counterbalanced by shares (certificates) in international climate protection projects that are designed to sustainably reduce greenhouse gases.

All projects are assessed according to the Gold Standard and support the 17 recognised UN Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

corporate benefits is supporting the following climate protection projects:

  • Micro-Scale VPA 204 Sierra Leone Safe Water, Sierra Leone
  • BURN Jikokoa Stoves, Kenya
  • Kikonda Forest Reserve, Uganda
  • Renewable Energy from Biomass, UPPPL, India Andhra Pradesh
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Climate positive company
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